Brian Coulter
From big wall climbs in Yosemite to pioneering mountain bike epics and high alpine ski descents
and traverses, Brian Coulter’s artistic eye has documented a lifetime of adventures in the
mountain environment. This desire to explore has evolved into his current role as the visual
storyteller of the grassroots Kootenay festival culture. Part visual opportunist, part mountain
adventurer, Brian can be found in Rossland and surrounding areas capturing moments, light,
images that define this time and place.
Brian brings his love of the Kootenays alive through still and video photography. He captures
the essence of the mountains, the people, the art and the unique culture that defines the place
he has called home for the last 25 years.
The scope of his work over the years has involved both video and still photography. His subjects
have ranged from early Northshore freeride mountain biking, backcountry ski adventures,
through images of street art, and the wild celebrations of bush raves and tribal forest festivals.
Brian has spent a lifetime documenting evolving cultures – from their roots as movements on
the fringes of society – a fellowship of rebels and innovators and anarchists – whether riding
bikes on mountain trails, climbing rock faces or dancing and creating art and music in the forest.
These photographs and videos capture his vision of the wild enthusiasm of the Kootenay
mountain culture and raw beauty of the mountains and valleys that he calls home.
Basia Siedlecki
Basia Siedlecki joined Valhalla Images as assistant photographer, first aid provider, part time model,
chief scribe and love interest for Brian. Although photography has always been an interest, she has only
recently come to it professionally.
Her career (ie paid gigs) have ranged from forest fire fighter, to English professor, and from weather technician to Unix system administrator. These days when she isn’t lugging around photography equipment, setting up the mono-pod, holding up the reflector, providing subject matter for Brian’s new lens or shooting B stills and videos at festivals and bars, you might find her saving lives at the local ER in her other role as a locum physician.
Brad Stoutenburg
Brad is the Chief Technical Officer at Valhalla Images. He wields the magic that polishes and edits the
stills and videos into finished products.
Brad’s background in the visual arts harkens back to his days as a dive instructor and underwater
videographer in the Cayman Islands. His time there ignited a lifelong interest in video production, and a
love of the technical aspects of photography. As the field evolved to include hardware and software, so
did Brad’s skills and knowledge.
When he’s not geeking out in front of a computer – tweeking contrast or adjusting f-stops in post
production Brad is indulging his primary and true calling: living his best life as a dad of two boys.

Valhalla Images Code of Ethics:
What is photography? Capturing moments, stories, beauty, flights of fancy, imagination, dreams. Seeing
the profound in the mundane.
At Valhalla Images, we want to capture the vibrancy of the culture and environment that defines this
place and time. We are simultaneously documentarians and artists.
In the spirit of our quest, we strive to be respectful while we document the diversity of our culture and
the events we attend. Our pictures and videos are meant to capture the beauty within these
moments in a responsible balanced way.
So, when we are at events, on the street, at the venue, taking pictures. If you don’t want your image
taken, just ask, we’ll do our best to make sure your wishes are respected.
The Valhalla Team.